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Comprehensive design services

We have successfully brought together a team of true design professionals who won’t just help you make your ideas a reality, but will also complete all required construction certification formalities. The analysis and design of masts and towers requires special knowledge and experience. Our motto is: From idea to final product! Leave all your troubles in our hands!

We are a company certified and able to design buildings for special significance. Our team of designers is constantly looking for the best solutions that meet the needs of customers and the requirements of the law, implement ideas for projects of telecommunication towers and masts, power network or projects of non-residential buildings, thereby gaining the trust of many long-term partners. The company has gained a lot of experience and can offer solutions for complex objects.

The company is open for any challenges and also is willing to take on interesting and unconventional projects that inspire, such as the design and construction of observation towers in the most picturesque locations in Lithuania. The company has already completed the projects in Žemaitija National Park, National Nature Reserve of Kamanai, in Labanaoras, Canopy Walkway in Anykščiai Regional Park, and the highest tower near the loops of river Nemunas in resort area in Birštonas. The unique project in Anykščiai includes a treetop walkway and an observation tower in the Forest of Anykščiai.

Your idea is in the right hands when designed and managed by our professionals!



Our designs meet the customers’ needs, while meeting local conditions, environmental restrictions and other legal requirements and standards.

  • Draft detailed (technical) designs, working designs and combined detailed and working designs for building towers, masts, supports and base stations, and electronic communication infrastructure, including reconstruction and repair projects
  • Draft designs for engineering network structures and construction work organization
  • Draft designs for the preparation of building work and the organization of residential and commercial building construction work, transport communications, engineering networks and other structures
  • Draft designs for electronic communications (telecommunications)
  • Obtain construction permits
  • Perform static projections for engineering structures
  • Design a variety of structures

Supervision and permits

Our design team is full of specialist in their respective field and works to ensure adherence to agreed-upon project commitments as well as rules and regulations for the design implementation.

Design implementation management and supervision services:

  • On behalf of customer we obtain construction permits;
  • Act as a supervisor for the design implementation of a special purpose structure;
  • Act as a technical construction supervisor for special purpose structures intended for electronic communication infrastructure;
  • Documentation, acceptance and commissioning procedure.

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