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Fall protection solutions

Fall protection solutions for your everyday needs

If you are not able to fly, make sure you are well equipped with appropriate fall protection. Thanks to our long-term partnership with four leading European manufacturers of fall protection systems, we are able to offer products tailored to meet your needs for safe operations. Safety isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity!

The technical maintenance of high-rise buildings or servicing of equipment at great heights entails climbing a ladder to a height of several tens of metres, which in turn poses the risk of falling. By creating a consistent strategy for preventing occupational risks, we help our clients to ensure that work at elevations is done safely.

Our company will design, supply and install fall protection solutions manufactured by the leading European manufacturers. Our team of experts, trained and certified by manufacturers, can perform maintenance and conduct annual mandatory inspections of fall protection solutions

There are numerous products on the market by different manufacturers. On this site, you will find a brief overview of the products we offer and the key features of these products.

All the vertical fall protection systems that our company offers conform to EN 353-1 and CNB/P/11.073 and come with EC declarations of conformity issued by notified bodies, horizontal lifelines conform to EN 795.

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Turvatikas Safety Ladder®

The Turvatikas Safety Ladder® rail system is a Finnish product suitable for use even under the most unforgiving weather conditions (e.g., low temperatures, heavy precipitation) and difficult working environments. There are no special requirements (no need for lubrication of the parts) as far as the storage, maintenance or use of the system is concerned, which makes it truly cheap to use. The fall arrester device is manufactured from alloys (stainless steel, Teflon or bronze) that are the least affected by corrosion and atmospheric changes. This safety system is particularly reliable and long-lasting and because of that, it is highly appreciated by Lithuanian mobile network operators.

Innotech Arbeitsschutz

The Austrian INNOTECH Arbeitsschutz company is a market leader in safety product innovations and subjects its products to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The TAURUS flexible rail system (tested against EN 353-1 + CNB/P/11.073 + EN 795) is a unique product that can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Its fall arrester device moves freely along the entire length of the rail traversing curves and bends, and its sliders can turn around the axis, allowing workers to work safely on any side of the system.

The EN 353-1 certified VERT lifeline system consists of a cable, top and bottom anchors, tensioning element, shock absorber and intermediate cable brackets. A special indicator installed at the bottom will always indicate whether the system has been overloaded or not – this isn’t simply convenient, but also minimizes the risk of falling. The system can be installed on any stationary ladder.

The EN 795:2012 (Class C) certified ALL in ONE lifeline system includes numerous components, making it suitable for any surface and a variety of installation bases (see sketch below). The manufacturer not only tests its lifelines against the requirements of the standard, but also on every different surface.

FAS and FSG (for safe cleaning of windows). As urban skylines become increasingly dominated by high-rise buildings made from glass and metal, safe cleaning of windows has become the bread and butter of professional climbers. The FAS and FSG safety systems are a true revolution in the cleaning of windows! Lightweight, reliable and easily adaptable to frames of differing widths, including telescopic systems that leave no holes, they are well suited for work on both new high-rise and older buildings. They are tested against EN 12811-1, EN 13374 and EN HD 1000, maximum load 125 kg.

Tractel SAS

The Faba™ Safety Ladder is a vertical design rail system that was introduced on the German market in 1995. This product, fabricated from hot galvanized steel and stainless steel, features exceptional properties. It is easy to install and operate and perfect for reliable protection against falls from heights.

FABA AW1, TRACTEL SAS’s permanent horizontal access system, conforms to EN 795:2012 (Class D). It can be fixed to a wall or soffit. It is designed for simultaneous use by 3 people, with one slider per person.

Stopcable, TRACTEL SAS’s vertical lifeline solution, ensures safe work at height. Its guided fall arrester can be supplied with a shock absorber or without one if a shock absorbing element is installed at the top of the line.

Assecuro Sp. z o.o.

The Polish company ASSECURO Sp. z o.o. offers the SKC -STOP® vertical lifeline system, tested and certified against EN 353-1 and CNB/P/11.073.

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