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Telecommunication services

Our company design, install and maintain wireless communication systems for all three Lithuanian mobile network operators and other state-owned companies and organizations that operate their own wireless communication networks.

The wellbeing and functioning of businesses and society in general not only depends heavily on the supply of power, but also on the proper operation of communication and data transmission networks. Having stepped into the information age, the world can no longer imagine business and everyday life without computers, computer networks, data transmission systems and inclusive, quality, mobile communications.


Over the past several years, Lithuanian and Scandinavian mobile network operators have been rapidly changing and upgrading their mobile and data transmission networks, offering their customers the latest in smart technologies and related services. This is only natural, as every consumer wants a quality mobile connection and fast data transmission.

Our experienced team of communication professionals is knowledgeable about the latest developments and is capable of installing GSM/DCS, 3G, 4G-LTE, 4G+ technologies for Lithuanian and Scandinavian mobile network operators. In addition to meeting the variety of selection criteria required by our clients, our work is proof of our professionalism, flexibility and reliability.

Installation Services, Maintenance, Upgrades

Our experienced telecommunication technicians are able to run projects of all sizes whether it’s installing new telecommunications sites or new antennas, modifying, upgrading existing antennas, or performing maintenance on existing equipment.

We fit in to each client’s requirements and project to cater for their specific needs. Each of our clients can expect the best result in terms of our professionalism and commitment to satisfying your needs.

EmSite Telco – etävalvonta- ja ohjausjärjestelmä tietoliikennetiloille

Microwave installations

We can provide all range of microwave installation and maintenance services including full construction of new, or adaptation of existing transmission networks. We can offer a turnkey of site survey, design, microwave installation and maintenance works including commissioning alignment integration and deployment of equipment.

Each of our clients can expect the best result in terms of our professionalism and commitment to satisfying your needs.

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